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Is Hospice right for you...

Most everyone understands that pain, symptom management and emotional support are the core elements of hospice care.There are numerous other benefits that patients and their families come to understand after they have been admitted. Some of those benefits are:

Medications are expensive. It is not unusual for people with a life limiting illness to use medicine that costs them more than $500.00 each month. Many of our patients have an income ranging from $700.00 to $1200.00 per month. After paying for medication they are left with little for their living expenses. Hospice assumes the cost of medicines relating to the pain and symptom control of the illness. This leaves more money for the patients daily living expenses.

The cost of incontinence supplies and many other supplies needed to care for a terminally ill patient are not usually covered under any insurance plan so they become out of pocket expenses. Hospice assumes the cost of such supplies.

Hospice social workers are focused on improving the quality of life for both patients and their loved ones. Social workers can provide assistance with advance directives, encouragement and support regarding end of life issues as well as information about resources that are available to the patient.

Caregiving is a very difficult job. Hospice volunteers and nursing assistants assume responsibility for some of the never-ending tasks, nurses teach caregiving skills, the social workers, chaplains and bereavement coordinator provide counseling and support.