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Social Services...

Hospice care is a team approach. Social workers are a vital part of our team. The social worker supports individuals and families by addressing the psychological, social and emotional effects of living with a life limiting illness. The social worker's focus is to enhance quality of life through identifying resources and providing support. Social Workers can assist with the following:

Advance Directives

Preparing an advance directive involves more than simply filling out a form. The time you spend thinking about the kind of care you want, or don't want, and discussing your wishes with your family and loved ones is much more meaningful than simply checking off boxes on a form. The written document is a good way to record your thoughts and choices, but it is no substitute for time spent discussing those choices with your loved one.

Understanding Hospice Medicare and Medicaid?

Who pays for hospice care and services? 

Hospice care can be covered in a variety of ways including through Medicare, Medicaid, managed care providers and some private insurers. 

What services are covered by the Medicare hospice benefit?

When you qualify for hospice under the Medicare hospice benefit, a care team will be designated to help you and your family cope with your illness. A wide variety of services are covered by the Medicare hospice benefit. Most costs are paid for under the benefit. You may expect to receive the following when included in your care plan:

Nursing Care

Medications and medical equipment and supplies related to your hospice diagnosis

Short term inpatient care when necessary

Home health aides

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Social Work, counseling and spiritual care

Dietary Counseling

Hospice Volunteers

Grief and loss counseling for you and your family